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New residential development is possible in many locations. Sites often come forward as a result of a change of circumstances such as becoming vacant and available for redevelopment. Many local councils are in the process of making changes to their local plans allowing settlements to expand. We have experience in developments in size ranging from single units up to small housing estates. Locations can be equally varied, from town centre redevelopment sites to replacement dwellings in the countryside. We specialise in assessing the development potential of a site, advising on what might be possible, what constraints there are to development, and setting out a strategy to maximise the chances of gaining planning permission.


Domestic projects include house extensions, annexe accommodation, outbuildings and tennis courts. We have broad experience in all types of domestic extensions and additions, including alterations to listed buildings and extensions to barn conversions. A high proportion of our work has been carried out in the context of conservation areas and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Commercial & Industrial

We can assist in establishing planning permission for new commercial and industrial premises and the expansions to existing enterprises. We can advise on new tourism development and holiday accommodation.

Agricultural & Rural Enterprise

We can assist in obtaining planning permission for new agricultural buildings, agricultural workers’ dwellings, live-work units, farm diversification schemes and the establishment or expansion of other rurally-based businesses.


Wondering whether you could live in a water pumping station, pub or other disused building converted to a dwelling? We can advise on the potential to find a new use for an existing building by obtaining planning permission or taking advantage of permitted development rights. We have extensive experience in securing planning permission for barn conversions.


We have achieved permissions for private individuals requiring stabling and outdoor arenas. These have included developments in sensitive locations such as the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and in the Green Belt. We have achieved permissions for indoor arenas at an equestrian centre and for a stud.